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Project Description
"WPF Dialogs" is a library for different Dialogs in WPF (e.g. FolderBrowseDialog, SaveFileDialog, OpenFileDialog etc.). These Dialogs are written in C# and use just WPF and the System.IO, no WinForms- and Win.32-librarys needed.

Other Languages

If you use these library, please be sure you catch the Exceptions! In a test I had the problem that I wanted to move a folder in one of its subdirectorys. Now the folder is lost. Now, I've found the folder. If found the folder on the same level as it's parent directory.

I give no warranty of this library. You use it at your own risk.

.Net 4.5, WPF 4.5, C# 5.0, Visual Studio 2012 (also Express Editions), SharpDevelop 4.3
.Net 4.0, WPF 4.0, C# 4.0, Visual Studio 2010 (also Express Editions), SharpDevelop 4

Motivation - Why I'm creating this library
I'm still programming an Texteditor which needs OpenFile-, SaveFile- and FolderBrowseDialogs, but WPF doesn't have any dialog. So I found on, that you can use the WIN.32 OpenFileDialog isntead. But that's no good solution and using the WinForms either. So I created this library.

I've no documentation created yet and won't it later. That's because I try to implement these dialogs as their System.Windows.Forms pendants. If someone wants to create the documentation I would be happy. When these dialogs became more functions then the old one, then I will create an documentation.

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